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24/7 Support

If you have a question, you can contact us in any of the proposed social networks.

Easy withdrawal

Our withdrawal process takes only 24 hours. We are very transparent about transactions.


Large community in social networks. We are trusted by hundreds of customers who support us in social media.

Detailed statistics

We make detailed statistics of your transaction, you also get all the mining logs.

About our company

CloudHashes - is a mining service based on the largest mining pool in Western Europe. The platform uses an comprehensive approach to mining, which is our advantage over competitors. By choosing us, you get access to a convenient mining service that increases your profit.

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267 900 GH/s

Full time work

90 Days

Full Profit




235 400 GH/s

Full time work

180 Days

Full Profit




372 200 GH/s

Full time work

360 Days

Full Profit


Customer Reviews


Although I was a little blunt with the payment, but the payment went through instantly. Support gave clear recommendations on payment and system operation. The service is easy to use. The miners are working and it makes me happy.


Clear buying recommendations - easy to reach even on weekends and almost always lightning fast response to my questions, which are definitely annoying sometimes.


The project really works and helps to increase your financial well-being. Of course, this requires some initial investment. I can say one thing: I had to work for some time to get the result. The team is trustworthy


The platform is indeed decent and up to date, the profit is real but it takes time.


CH is a good option if you think about cloud mining. Nowa days it's really hard to get a big rewards being an ordinary miners.


The service works in Europe without vpn, it's convenient. I think, cloudhashes really can provide a decent profit. It works, but it demands some time to gain Smth.


Spitze! Obwohl bei mir ein solches Hin- und Her mit der Bezahlung war. Klare Kaufempfehlung - selbst am Wochenende gut erreichbar und fast immer in Lichtgeschwindigkeit eine Antwort auf meine, bestimmt auch mal nervenden, Fragen


Very cool platform, I can note from the pluses: fast payments, profitable mining, ecological company use alternative energy. Money is withdrawn quickly. I am satisfied with everything, I recommend it to everyone.


A particularly positive aspect is the provision of a personal manager. Fast payouts also make my wallet happy. I liked the fast payouts, I think this site really deserves 5 stars.

Luiz Gardner



A great opportunity

I really like this platform. Convenient and clear interface. There are no problems with withdrawal. Everything works stably.

Oliver Dissent



This platform was recommended to me by…

This platform was recommended to me by my friends. I really appreciate that this company has a very fast withdrawal of money. I buy packages more than once and its working. I recommend!

Scott Cavaliere



Perfect work and stability project

High-quality and interesting platform for mining enthusiasts. Comfortable and very simple work with the site, good earnings, reliability and stability of the project. I found out about it through friends, so far I like everything and I can advise others

Andrew Edwin



Good project

I'm yet to withdraw from my $100 investment, this company has the most reliable customer service support 24/7.

Steve Fairno



Much better than my previous service

After observing for a long time, I finally decided to invest. I bought a few plans without any problem.

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